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Harmony Plans
By Schachle Benefit Services
P.O. Box 142128
Fayetteville, GA 30214
Tel: 770.719.2247
Fax: 770.719.4623

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  1. Have you had problems obtaining enrollment materials for your plans?
  2. Have you lost a plan account to a "producing TPA"?
  3. Have you set up seemingly SIMPLE plans only to find that you are the one looked to for compliance questions?
  4. Have you needed help explaining different plan designs and options to a potential client?
  5. Have you found the 401(k) plan business too cumbersome and complicated to get involved?

We have the answers..

  1. We prepare customized enrollment forms that are easily accessible to you - the investment expert. These forms include your logo and contact information because you are the investment expert. Forms are easily accessible to you, the plan sponsor and participants.
  2. We are a non-producing TPA which means we do not sell investments - we are not your competition. We have an open architecture platform that allows you to choose the funds you decide meet the needs of your client.
  3. SIMPLE is often not so simple and not the right plan for all small employers. Higher contribution limits and more favorable eligibility and entry limitations often make Qualified 401(k) plans a better choice.
  4. Your client is our client. We review the current plan document and work with the client to explain options and changes that will accomplish their goals in providing a plan for their employees.
  5. We make it easy. You make the initial contact. You talk investments. Help your client choose the appropriate funds. We prepare the plan documents, contracts, transfer letters, notices and forms. We help each conversion be a smooth transition for you and your client.

Here is what we do...

We design the plan that is right for your client.
We prepare the plan document, contracts, notices, transfer letter, liquidation letters and enrollment forms.
We train and assist the plan administrator and payroll coordinator at your client's office with contribution and loan repayment transmittals.
We prepare distribution and loan paperwork and process these through completion.
We run contribution allocation scenarios so that the sponsor and accountant have the information to make decisions at year end.
We reconcile the plan accounts quarterly and run preliminary testing so there are no surprises at year end.
We copy the advisor and the accountant on the quarterly reconciliation which includes eligibility, catch up eligible employees, preliminary compliance testing, year-to-date contribution amounts and those employees projected to be eligible on the next entry date.

A simple solution to the complicated world of 401(k) plan design, administration, compliance and recordkeeping.

Where do we begin?

Call us to set up an appointment or to discuss your client's plan,
with questions you may have about our services or about a potential client,
Complete the following Proposal Request Form and fax or to us for a free estimate of plan costs.

Let's get started today!